Saturday, March 16, 2013

While Mafia Don---- 2

                                          Dawood Ibrahim

Full name of Dawood Ibrahim kasakara. People know her name but Dawood Ibrahim. He is someone that I don anyone, but anyone Mafia emperor. The people who do the same dakuka, the Mumbai crime lord Dawood Ibrahim kasakarera namatai ghurephire the world. This fear is out of his kingdom Mumbai Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Middle East and even the United Kingdom and the United States reached. 1 In March 1993, a series of bombs exploded in the Mumbai Stock Exchange of disaster. It killed more than 60. Dawood Ibrahim mulahota that it can police the event. But dubaiye fled before the arrest. The pherenani there. The eternal reign of terror in the country are from outside the emperor Under World the Mafia. a variety of media sources, currently living in Karachi aiesaaiyera chatrachayaya balance Empire narachena this dark world. Legend of Pakistan cricket and even marriage with the daughter of his son Javed miyamdadera adhipatyake have further consolidated and pakapokta. Strict confidentiality is completed through the program discussed in this marriage dubaiyera Grand Hayat Hotel. The younger brother and sister Hasina Iqbal kasakara Mumbai kasakarake with illegal business - the business management. No where in the world is still a sector by Dawood Ibrahim. Save victims, smuggling, drug trafficking, illegal arms trade, kantrake people beset with murder, even in this current series phiksinyeo Dawood Ibrahim gang. Cricket world of increasing dapata. The big-budget film in his country from outside Bollywood lagina and nami - rich celebrities can not control the news. The issue is directly responsible for the murder of producer Gulshan kumarake. Bollywood Celebrities who surrounded her name has been most pronounced are Sanjay Dutt, Anil Kapoor, mandakini and manika altar. The continued dominance of Dawood in Mumbai are nagapadara, south of Grant Road, Churchgate and kupharapyareda. Activation of the right hand to control the Mafia run all over the country. Dispute resolution, real estate business and provide financial security, this is the main activity. The valid - invalid two types of business activities and the Mafia self-dapate Knowing his family. In short he is gyanke D Company. the death of Dawood Ibrahim wants to be buried in Mumbai ground. He has said several times through various newspapers. However, he is now seriously ill. The past two years have been double heart attack. The idea being that comes out of his day. Currently, a group of doctors and family members of 4 hours doing her physical state monitoring. Dawood Ibrahim in his last address was busy planning. Daphane he was dead or ratnagiri in Mumbai directed the people to find a suitable place. Dawood Ibrahim to India to bury the dead have the desire, the Mumbai police know. Ride Hand Shakeel Dawood Ibrahim recently run against the U.S. embargo. Tiger action against Ibrahim's partner, as well as other U.S. government announced.

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