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Assortment of berries nuts food fruit wallpaper for iPhone

Assortment of berries nuts food fruit wallpaper for iPhone
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* Computer & Every year, about one thousand people.

* 1869 suisabijnani Friedrich miskalara in the discovery of DNA.

* Thermometer was discovered in 1607 by gyaliliora.

* 1 of 50 in Roger Bacon discovered flint glass.

Alfred Nobel invented dynamite in 1866 *.

* Iuilahema ranjena in 1895 en - Ray discovers the Nobel Prize in Physics.

* The plant is yabatkalera most umcutama _ baketi Australian eucalyptus trees, which appear at the height of 435.

* 650 volts of electric shock may ila fish.

* 196 of the first communications satellite, Telstar utksepana telephone and TV signal is capable of rilete.

* Giraffe most of the time 4 hours 0 minutes ghumaya. However, sometimes two hours ghumaya, but it is an exception.

* A blood cell in the body at that time to 60 seconds.

* A rubber molecule is 65 thousand atoms.

* The koala I spend an average of 4 hours per hour of 0.

* A male body in one second and nearly a thousand sperm cells each day is about 86 million.

* Every hour around the world is billions of miles wide.

* If you start out at the speed of light, then go to the nearest galaxy endromidate 0 million years away.

* Egyptian Aswan's most arid area, the only .0 inches of rain per year.

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Bhaoyala rajabari

                                           Bhaoyala rajabari
The once-bhaoyala rajabari The Deputy Commissioner of Gazipur. Gajipurabasisaha by building today - coming from various assignments and tests bhaoyala darsanarthidera the royal family smrtibijarita rajabari an interesting tourist attractions. Traditional bhaoyala King - gajidera memorial pratnatattibaka bhaoyala rajabari patterns. _ Drstinandana archeology department at rajabariti immediately aware of before transfer and maintains the necessary reform and it will be interesting to become a paryatanakendre.

District administration sources said, at the end of bhaoyala rajabari started making attracts people Narayan Narayan Roy, the king of kali. This is a large size and intact basilica. Approximately 15 acres of land about the existing main palace. North - south length of 400 meters and the floor plan was created with. The small - large total of 365 rooms. South side of the main entrance gate. Prabesadbarati square and round pillars placed in the four corners of four has been built on top of the roof. Enter the length of the route structure ekadikera 0 meters and enter the door there's a wide corridor hall. Hall of east - west of the sitting rooms. Traditional wooden staircase that shawl subyabastharai the upper part of the liquid. A large part of the building known as the anterior segments. This large 100 square dalanera was behind an open courtyard. Pranganera three aspects of the East - West and south porch was built to provide housing for the room. Cells were exposed to the balcony and barandagulote about karinthiyasa column was placed in semicircular arch. Longish on top of the empty design, pedestal flower, plant, and was a long-drawn design. The whole ansajure pranganera was natamandapa 'festival which was used. Rajabarira in the Western (rajadighira adjacent) dihedral bhabanansera to rajabilasa 'King of rest rooms' air corridors' was known. The cell was exposed to the open vaulted 'padmanabhi'. The first floor of the adjoining room was a 'ranimahala in the front balcony was big as a building. Rajabariti damaged in an earthquake in 1887 and 1897. Rajabilasasaha other buildings are rebuilt after the earthquake of 1897. Rajendra Narayan Roy of the reform.

From the historical background, when the area was ruled by Gazi dordanda pratape Dynasty rulers. In the eighteenth century, until 1737 Gazi bhaoyala the circle of family daulatagaji. Balram his agent before the 1736 ruling in daulatagaji haje about having oversight responsibility to go bhaoyala circle. Daulata Gazi Holy Hajj in Mecca once again walking the push from the bhaoyalera. But the way he died suddenly. In 1737, the Nawab of Murshidabad Darbar from land-use rules bhaoyala pamcasala provision for the provision of land-Parganas. The daulata Gazi not survive. Balram are assisted by other state employees, according to pre-plan their gajidera absence of all property in their own name is called in the auction. Balram Roy bhaoyala complete circle of the manor in 1738. The Indra Narayan Roy, people Narayan Roy, the sphere Narayan Roy, kali Narayan Roy, Rajendra Narayan Roy and Narayan Roy ramendra bhaoyala of the land-Parganas. Balram was the responsibility of the auction will be named after the area is named after his son Narayan jayadeba Joydevpur. Because you do not have a heritage mansion bhaoyala jamidaradera care and maintenance of all property management bhaoyala Court consists of the Worlds. Independence - East bhaoyala rajabarite the Pakistan army camp. Independence - A military camp was established here. 18 December 1978 gajidera named after the then president Ziaur Rahman Dhaka headquarters - North mahukumabhukta announced that six police station in Gazipur mahukuma. Subdivisional administrative building is placed in the bhaoyala rajabarite. Mahukuma from 1 March 1984, after the district of Gazipur district administration building bhaoyala rajabaritei passed as well. Kalektareta as part of a separate administrative building of the house or rajabariti bhaoyala landed games pratnatattibaka patterns of reform as the eternal beauty is distorted. The terracing has been a crack house roof. Many of the balcony railing collapse or lose. Going to mark this dotalaya mehagani wooden stairs antiquity. Room Furniture and none left. Dynasty yielded valuable cabinet after the cells have been anekai lopata. The rest of the auction at which it was sold. And thus one day be lost king - gajidera established by bhaoyala rajabari. Gazipur, Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) Dr. Dewan Muhammad Humayun Kabir, the largest basilica in bhaoyala rajabarira just inside the main infrastructure of small changes that can undo saving. Deputy Commissioner for transferring the project has been accepted. Building a new kalektareta (DC Office) construction work will be moved to the Deputy Commissioner and will be handed over to save adhidaphatarake rajabari archeology.

Poet Kazi Kader home neglect naoyajera

                                             Poet Kazi Kader home neglect naoyajera
Tribhubana, teacher status, tupisaha lost my father metrician popular poem poet Kazi Kader Newaz. This is one of the major poets of Bengali literature sripura mujadiya Magura village house. January 15, 1909 in the village of Murshidabad district talibapura matulalaye. The father and mother phatemunnecha naoyaja. Both his father and uncle whom I know and literary naoyajera. Family sahityamodi environment is a dream in which the poet whom naoyaja. The famous French writer and polyglot academic God naoyaja uncle and my mother even phatemunnechara talent can be targeted. The inspiration was a school teacher who dbijababura naoyajera of the traveling allowance.

19 in 1 dbijababura utsahe the teachers 'loving home' is! 'Development' is in her first poem published. Children 19 and 3 in the monthly magazine 'The Partner' - on 'ghumaparaniya songs of the print outs around the literary society, his fame spread. Who is the poet nijagrhe naoyajera education. 19 at 8, he Burdhaman matharuna English school in the district. See us at one time was the school's students. 19 In the first section of the 3 He matriculated. 19 at 9 B.A from the baharumapura examination and MA degree in English literature from the BTN. Poet Kazi Kader Newaz School in 1933 sub-inesapektara as his career as the start of the next siksakatake job. The first section of the first-born son in 1951, he joined the Institute as a teacher. Members of the public high school teacher, retired in 1966. Then she began to settle permanently maguraya.

As teachers and students of the snehaprabana adarsaprana. All teachers in higher education and a strong commitment to the well-established at the seat of the 'teacher status' to the famous poem. Who naoyaja literary life of unforeseen respect. Padake been awarded Ekushey. The contribution to children's literature in Bengali Academy Award, President puuuraskara, Mother bangasaha numerous literary awards. Sripura the village of Magura mujadiya basabasakale sripure Mahesh Chandra High School, he accepted the head teacher's responsibility until death. 3 January 1983 naoyaja humanist poet who died in October. Magura different schools before death - were established by contributions from the various social activities even after the death of her as she has not been assessed. I have a slight abahelaya her home.

Jhaugachagulo valuable disappearing around the house. After the death of his two-decade is out, but a large share of the property on behalf of the family home from the partition and anrsidaritba kalahera reform measures were not. The plaster on the day of the shooting anekansa home. Stolen from the home of all furniture doors and windows. In memoriam of initiatives to be undertaken by the humanist think bisistajanara area. * Rashed Khan, Magura

192 The home owner ekajanai!

                                              192  The home owner ekajanai!
It is not, not two, 19 in her home. The world's top non dhanio. He is a former police officer. China has been the owner of the house at the black police officers. He bought homes using bogus identification. China is one of the top party in the country's southern liuphem City jhao high bin. China's former police chief said. The Communist Party of the High uccapade giving the home owner etagulo buzz in China's state news agency. Paricayapatrera giving the customer accepts the price of homes he took from his brother. China, a local newspaper said, and 011 in the list of resources in a businessman giving high. Keywords with high quality information for the business because it banibana. The high giving the authority to cancel the customer's card. Lu Feng sastibisayaka Department of the Communist Party, said the incident has been investigated and jhao again got back to the office. '

The corruption of China's new energy leader jim Ping Assert after the events of the book. The corruption of the Communist Party came to power as a threat to the jim per ping. Udharbatana from all subordinate officers indicate that he announced last month, the 'tiger' and 'fly' fight against both the start. Next week the women using fake documents to more than 100 million yuan worth of 40 detained violating the established purchase. Jung, former vice president of a bank in the city recently iulina aike kagajapatradi government stamp for use in fraud and detained. This jaliyatite help him when police detained karmakartasaha also been satajanake. Police in eastern China, the wife of the person who allegedly bought a house in a dozen times. They see it examined.

The top 10 wealthy city

                      The top 10 wealthy city
It really is the world's most affluent cities in the dollar would come. In a recent survey of the world's most affluent cities. This survey of the place occupied by the Japanese capital, Tokyo. Technical cultivation of Japan's capital city has a special area tokiote 3, 7 cities, villages and 8 iju Islands and Islands have ogasaoyara. 's Total area of ​​155 km. Population of approximately 1. 3 million. This is one of the world's most populous cities. The city's population, according to the annual GDP of 784.8 billion U.S. dollars. In the second place in the list of New York. New York is the largest city and the commercial port. The city is not only the financial center, is one of the world's financial kendragulorao. There are five areas in New York: Manhattan, Brooklyn, bronan, kuisa and Richmond. 780 bargamilomitara area. The city's population, according to the annual GDP of 407 billion U.S. dollars. Third place in the British capital of London. London city and around 3 consists of two areas of London. London city is the country's financial and trade center. West London and Britain's basilica, the Prime Minister's House, Parliament and Government of the Group is located. The industrial area of ​​east London. London the world's largest international foreign exchange and international insurance center. The city of New York is one of the world's largest financial and commercial centers. A list of fourth place in the South Korean capital, Seoul. Area of ​​605 km. The city is not very big, but the country's political, economic, and cultural center is considered. Population of more than one billion. The city is divided into 5 areas.

The fifth richest city in the list in the Los Angeles area. The area of ​​one thousand and 00 km in the city. Los Angeles is already the chemistry, sea, space and the digital industry has become the largest ghamtite. This is one of the বিজ্ঞানকেন্দ্রগুলোর. The number of scientists and engineering in the city than in a city. Arnab Silicon Valley is located in the town. The second-largest financial center after New York, Los Angeles has become. The population of Los Angeles, according to the annual GDP of 196 billion U.S. dollars.

Yastha place in the rich city of Osaka. Osaka, Japan's second largest city. The area is 04 km. Population of around 30 million. Annual GDP of 191 billion U.S. dollars.

Seventh place in the Chinese city of Hong Kong. Geographical location is very good saharatike East - Asia can be considered as arthikakendra. Hankanyera total area of ​​103 thousand km. Hong Kong is the world's 11th commercial city. Hankanyera seyarabajara second place in Asia. Chicago City the eighth richest list. Chicago, the third largest city in the U.S.. The area of ​​590.5 km.

Annual GDP of 146 billion U.S. dollars. Ninth place in the list of the world's most wealthy city of Toronto in Canada. City population of more than 43 lakherao. The area of ​​63 km. Cars, digital, finance and tourism industry is very important role in the economy of Toronto. Tenth place in the list of the world's richest city meneika city. An area of ​​about 18 km. This is one of the world's most populous cities. Meneika city is meneikara politics, economics and culture center.
All of the world's most famous bell
At an early age at school start and end of our hour Ding tam sabdei. The hour of traditional religious temple is also not unknown to anyone. The world is diverse and large number of hours. Tejara world's largest bell to bell. This is Russia's capital, Moscow, kremaline. The height 6.14 meters and weight of one million hours of 9 and 4 Kgs. This means that more than 00 tonnes. During 1730, the empress anna aiyoyanobhanara created by Ivan and Mikhail matorina hours. However, this is not a bad day. It is possible to create a break. It is made of wood. Kremaline one aginakanda occur in 1737. The fire in the ghantatiteo. There's a lot of water pouring over the various parts of the crack, and some parts of it. 's Exactly a century after it was set up, and the stone is stambhamule. The miracle is that, if you ring the bell sound that could be heard were from 50 to 60 km away.

The Great Bell sunakena: 1480 in Myanmar King dharmajedira created during the hour. 93.4 tons of hours creating copper, gold, silver and tin are used. It takes four years to create. Hours are suyedegana pyagodate. The Great Bell mingama Another Day in Myanmar King bodaopaya built in 1808. 's Height of 13 feet and a weight of 90.55 tonnes.

Bell of Beijing: bikhata this bell was made in China in 1415. 's Weight of 60 tons.

Deibasto tempela Bell, Japan: Japan's biggest play of the day for 16 people is required.

The cam: This is the biggest bell in China. The sound chip has more than 1 lakh 60 thousand.

Millennium Bell: This is the world's largest hanging bell. 's Weight of 33 tons.

Big Ben: This is London's most famous bell. One of the world's big five hours.

The miliniyama Peace Bell: niuporte is huge at the hour of weight 33 tons. Bell Bell Company is a company created for the pyakarada Verde.

Ayakelina, Belgium kyarilana: This city is famous for the use of 46 kinds of hours.

Egret Tower Gardens, Florida Lake oyale world have sundaratama kyarilanera 60 hours.

Caesar kolokala: Russia in this hour of weight equal to 50 elephants.

Paul rebhiyara: The famous bell maker.

The very day!

                                       The very day!
The teacher said. Name of the Azad Singh. Age of years. The height of three feet. Physically undersized, but he is a teacher by profession. India's Haryana state teacher of a girls' school. The computer issues. Pay 10 thousand rupees. The students who eventually post-chotu Sir '. Only five years old hormones - the body's normal growth jatilataya Azad closed. His family could not be treated due to lack of money. However, the education proceed. He was kidnapped by a group of people can ring - skulajibanera earlier shown that bhayao ajadake. But he yanani sagging. Azad said, 'I do not have any trouble. What I wanted, I got her. ' Because of the small ajadake apologize face to face. It happened a lot in his life. He was 18 years old by train uthena. One officer was going to train children in the lap of honor. Azad is the eldest of three stars. 19-year-old younger sister of Lakshmi uthenani fully physically the same reason. The 15-year-old sister has been very naturally increased. He ajadake skutare the way to school.