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As the world-shaking speech

                                                 As the world-shaking speech
One of the qualities of leadership, others will be attracted to your opinion. The speech or no speech, no alternative. Religion, Politics, samajagathanasaha successful leaders in the back of the success of the unforgettable one or more speech. There are several reasons why a lecture on the history of the make. The speech was alokabartikara like, which krantikale of the way of salvation. It says the immortal words of the seven political speech _ Major Nasir Uddin ahammeda (retd)

                                                      Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

On this day coming Agartala ears popped by 7 March, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, then a resakorsa mayadane of the historic speech. 'The struggle for our freedom struggle, and the struggle for our independence struggle. The age of 10 days after ekanna be full. Parents - mother, wife, five children were living in one of the great leader. The present Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, her daughter said one television interview, 7 March, Bangabandhu was quite upset. The benefits of having killed sattarera nirankusa not have the ability to transfer, 3 March, is set to dissolve Parliament, and the non-cooperation movement across the country to get running, the pressure of expectations, one of the most difficult days of life were also crossed.

In March, the then 7 resakorsa team (now Suhrawardy Gardens) will be held in the huge gathering. The rice but I went to bed for a little rest. Priyatama wife preceded by the consumption discount. Simple - simple grhabadhu the interests of the child to leave the country mayaya illusion. The head of a boolean, and will not fear. I have looked at.

I will say that it should be so, nihsankoce say boldly say. Priyatama my wife's life-giving nectar like this inspiration. Find out properly. Millions of people in the field resakorsa presence brim. Gaganabidari slogan around. The uthalena stage. Late Awami League leader Abdur Razzak on stage by F slogan went forward and said, 'maikata de'. He started his speech kimbadantitulya. First, to enhance its duhkhabhara the heart. Because of the city's road then the blood stain in the sky - ringing in the air, survival and tears rights. On the first one taken from her and offers a variety of programs, so that the right ear for Western regime. Bahanna from it almost every year ceasefire they rest on the bleeding has stopped. Yahya and Bhutto could not be removed from this description of the conspiracy also. The position of the government, not pradhanamantritba, the adhikarai her well. Get this right and sarbagrahi sarbatdaka adaye The movement to it. The building of the tower room. The absence of the movement to continue. Finally, her voice very aginajhara The Declaration of Independence: 'The struggle for our freedom struggle, and the struggle for our independence struggle.' Mantrera like to work in this country. Out of the whole country, is prevented. In a continuation of the March from 16 December until about 5 months muktiyuddha and 30 million lives, dignity of women, the destruction of priceless asset acquired in exchange for our freedom. Sad but true, erring on August 15, 1975 a group of soldiers at the hands of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

                                                                    Abraham Lincoln

In a speech sound with only three minutes and 7 pages of history, we are immortal sixteenth President of the United States Abraham Lincoln. 1-3 July 1863 in the United States penaselabheniyara getisabarge bloody civil war nearly eight thousand people died. Remember the war, nearly four months after they built smrtisaudhe smaranasabhaya Lincoln in this speech. Common rules of professional mulabakta connected and ready-witted AdWords ebharta, who spoke on the occasion about two hours. Lincoln started his speech at a later stage of speech. Phatographarara photo journalists and camera set properly before the end of the three minutes of his speech. He remembers the beginning of her East - men, who 47 years ago by the freedom and equality in the American continent initializes. His voice became very sad lament loss of civil war. The lecture concludes with a historical statement, which is still considered as a definition of democracy best all time. _ He said the government, by the people and for the people of the world will not be lost. After the speeches the crowd was bakaruddha. Even forget they are even clapping. The camera is up and running before the end of the three-minute speech that I remember about derasa years after political science researchers in polite sraddhaya definition of democracy resounding Abraham linkanake donor. But the ready-witted AdWords ebharta, the three-minute speech about a two-hour speech linkanera closer to the original than I could tell, it was a blessed life. April 14, 1865 in the name of one of the worlds uikasa political activist shot dead in the history of this immortal voice.

                                                                        Mahatda Gandhi

1 September 1939, starting World War II in the midway. Dabanale the brink of World War II and the destruction of civilization. Playing from east to west and north to south through the kettle. The larache protect democracy, but to protect their own country by the aggressive energy dhbansalilaya roaring drunk one country. Thus in the context of the then British India was ruled a reversed image. Violence, hatred, and attacks _ I love to leave as a weapon to be used by the British to leave India and the Indian independence deficit this year in an unprecedented struggle to get him mohanadasa karama Gandhi, who mahatdagandhi are ubiquitous in living history. Born in October 1869. Indian law degree from University College London byaristari go to South Africa for the first 4 years of age. Racism practices were sharply hit him. After coming back to India in 1915. Involved the first World War. The fate of the Indians preserves. Gandhi is also not subject to changes in the nation's fate. I began to 'expel British' or 'kuuta India' movement. For example, the exclusion of British goods all over England in the domestic syutakota book dhoti and loom-woven cloth. It was thought that the British expulsion can not be mahaparakramasali Gandhi's philosophy. They felt that there is no alternative to armed struggle against the British. Britisabirodhi foreign forces madada they provide. Gandhi's non-violent movement, but each of his uniform. Hundreds - thousands of hostility and threat of a visit from the culao narenani mahatdagandhi. Thus in the context of 8 August 194 mahatdagandhi then bombera gaoliya trucks per mayadane the British to leave India said that India would make exemptions or kuita India speeches in history. January 30, 1948 nathurama gadase the Hindu nationalist leaders of this great shot death.

                                                                 Nelson Mandela

Another successful struggle against racism and totalitarianism Nelson Mandela. South Africa, a tribal leader in the village kunu was born in July 1918, he was 18. Mandela became the law of age as law students choose to further pesake ainerai apaprayoge welcome him to the prison life of approximately 8 years. Which began in 196 and ended in 1990. Black was the leader of the struggle against krsnangadera Advertisers white racist behavior. Raktacaksu rulers, torture, imprisonment - he ignores the violence and even death struggle not only itself, but rather motivated by his unprecedented speech to the world's most exploited people. The Mandela of South Africa's leaders are not only, that no injustice - injustice against one smooth movement, a symbol, a unique institution. The speech of the political life, which makes several rulers kampiye foundation. Sometimes struggle, sometimes atdatyaga, or ekatdatara never forgive you for calling the speech containing his history of valuable resources. The African National Congress President on September 1, 1953 at the Nelson Mandela as President of the unique features of the lecture will be memorable. The ongoing legal battle against anekatukui this speech in his own voice over and over again kakhanoba voice has spoken to his lawyers. Mandela at 1 September of this speech was 191 at year krsnangadera about running white tortured with, which has been criticized at home - outside, provincial and national assembly, train - bus, call - factories, land - farms, villages, cities, schools and prison. Chandamaya and poetic Mandela in this speech hundreds of people in disadvantaged favorable political awareness and awareness of their own power for about a victory of the people. However, the biggest victory of independence was not in his immortal Mandela saying, 'No easy way to achieve freedom.'

Martin Luther King

Today, 7 March, the day the United States has been known in history as one of imbrue. It was Sunday, March 7, 1965. Bisabaspe quite intense racism throughout the United States. The black leader Martin Luther King -'s non-violent movement to encourage people to continue the peaceful rally in the provincial capital mantogomarira selama side. Thus during the brutal attacks carried out by White police about the rally. Blood stain in the road. The 7 day of March 1965 in the 'Bloody Sunday' or as imbrue Sunday. The speech was notable for the Martin Luther King are endless, which is spoken in the United States on August 8, 1963 in Washington town. The city became a rally in Washington. King -'s colleague, unemployed youth, in the common people, religious leaders, labor leaders, and black leaders, led by the slope of the Washington smrtisaudha Lincoln Square. Bob Dillon and John Boys' Revolutionary Platform is one of the main janasamudre down other leaders. Finally came Martin Luther King -'s turn. Expressing satisfaction with the history of the U.S. for the first organized the biggest rally for the opportunity to join. White to enhance the discriminatory behavior of the krsnangadera about torture and deprivation. So we do not have a receipt, as long as indescribable torture in police nigrora. We do not have a receipt, as long as the right way-worn nigrora City Hotel or motele rest. Not until we have received, as long as our children, for white only 'sign is out. I do not know, but I've come to kill us - various assignments and tests. Kuthari someone from jail. Torture in police cells. Which is returned to you. But not from the mud with water immersion. Maybe today or tomorrow will be crucial for us. I still dream of it, but the existence of this sbapnagatha. I dream that, one day this nation will awake and evaluation of this belief, all people are equal janmasutre. 4 April 1968 at 6pm to 1 minute jemasam Earl Ray shot the assailant die mahanayaka this thin bodied.

Henry petrika

March masati dbiparajya in Virginia that are memorable. 3 March 1775 in the then ruler of the state of Virginia petrika rimendera Henry Saint John of the local church leader, the next president, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington and all of the people against the British government and the adhipatyabadera. Age era of revolutionary consciousness bharjiniyabasira the heart of the ash - like jbalachila suppress the fire, so that the spark had caught one uccarane petrika henarira _ 'Give me liberty, or death. War and peace efforts in the Henry said before, the peace of which he has, it does not work, will not work and future. The only way to fix it is to fight, he will be _, which is soon to be started immediately. I have no way to avoid war. I will embrace him with courageous. The battle picha - means dasatbake leg compliance. Henry pointed to the dependence of the suspension, the sikale of the rust. Suspension jhana - jhanani sound to be heard. Every war is inevitable with the double-talk, 'he would say, he would say. Combatant others in the context of the fight in our bhaira. So while not sitting idle. Civility is not the time. He chure one of the questions, 'What is life so dear and peace so sweet that the price of chains and slavery will buy?' Self-proclaimed eternal question uttarai her saying 'I do not know which path chosen by others. In my case: I would like to say that I, or death. Comprehensive response to this claim, the crowd from the petrika Henry. Henry could not avail bold accent.

                                                                                Winston Churchill

Or victory sign with two fingers to show the whole world in response to V. umciye phelechilena dubarera England and the Prime Minister Winston Churchill yuddhakalera successful political leaders and rulers. 30 November 1875 in an aristocratic family, was born in England. This historical landmark success as a statesman students did. Perute the three schools to change the school boundaries. The military has tried three times to enter the test passed. The one time he was the Washington Post newspaper reporter. He is the only British prime minister, who won the Nobel Prize in literature. Churchill War military life in Cuba, India, Sudan, South aphrikasaha different countries. The first and jariyechilena Churchill during World War II. Senajibana the Churchill joined politics and became a huge success. From 1940 to 1945 and from 1951 to 1955, the two term Winston Churchill in England's Premiership. Military life and the life of my speech was to highlight the history of his 13 May 1940 speech. Note that, in this lecture about eight days ago on 3 May 1939 England declared war against Germany. In 1940, the war was dramatically changes the politics of England. Thus in the context of Winston Churchill on May 1, 1940 was sworn in as Prime Minister. Churchill as Prime Minister has exhorted the aggressive role and obstinacy against Germany because of the location and the long-term plan to continue the fight. Thus in the context of newly appointed Prime Minister on May 13 as England's first speech in the House of Commons Churchill. House of Commons when the tension. The Prime Minister praised the move for several reasons nibhaila cembaralike warlord known as the Churchill received could easily accept it. He began his speech in the context of Churchill. The beginning of the war for his own and 'War Cabinet''s responsibility to take on the interface. Knowing exactly the moment to fight, and fight prastutirao On the Churchill. The apologies were served in the traditional manner phamke longer be able to give the speech. For war by samarthanasahayata wish it was that memorable saying, which is: who is the government minister as sworn that I said that this great Parliament saying, 'are Nothing to me, there is only blood, pain, tears and sweat, we aginapariksa, our After several months of fighting you will be facing trouble. If you ask now what our policy or policy, it was our only policy, water, ground and continue fighting akasapathe, given our all to God's power and ability to continue our fight to be taken against a cruel monster. That's our policy, and the question now is our aim? I can answer in one word: Victory. However, even on a long path or inaccessible, without victory there is no way for us to carry out any. '

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