Sunday, March 24, 2013


* Computer & Every year, about one thousand people.

* 1869 suisabijnani Friedrich miskalara in the discovery of DNA.

* Thermometer was discovered in 1607 by gyaliliora.

* 1 of 50 in Roger Bacon discovered flint glass.

Alfred Nobel invented dynamite in 1866 *.

* Iuilahema ranjena in 1895 en - Ray discovers the Nobel Prize in Physics.

* The plant is yabatkalera most umcutama _ baketi Australian eucalyptus trees, which appear at the height of 435.

* 650 volts of electric shock may ila fish.

* 196 of the first communications satellite, Telstar utksepana telephone and TV signal is capable of rilete.

* Giraffe most of the time 4 hours 0 minutes ghumaya. However, sometimes two hours ghumaya, but it is an exception.

* A blood cell in the body at that time to 60 seconds.

* A rubber molecule is 65 thousand atoms.

* The koala I spend an average of 4 hours per hour of 0.

* A male body in one second and nearly a thousand sperm cells each day is about 86 million.

* Every hour around the world is billions of miles wide.

* If you start out at the speed of light, then go to the nearest galaxy endromidate 0 million years away.

* Egyptian Aswan's most arid area, the only .0 inches of rain per year.

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