Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pataya beaches

                   Pataya beaches

Smart city beach only 00 km away from Bangkok pataya. The city has many aamdhare wake up the night in it. Increasing the depth of the night, with the lights flashing in the distance. Murchona beat of music. Tourists throng avoid liability. Night clubs, restaurants, sea shore ekakara _ everything. One of the other world. Thailand's capital Bangkok and 00 kilometers away from the pataya. Our two-three hour pemche can. It has luxurious air-conditioned bus service.Stop Smoking Tips  Derasa km-long flyover with the soyasa-kilometer run bus speed gallop.

The coastline of the city is smart zion entertainment. Disco, Pub, gogo clubs in sea tirajure sort. Kanbajarera like a huge wave, but we do not see alluring. The arrows berai just walking. I have a huge huge nauyana sea. That each of the small city.

Coral Island by the sea can be seen from the inside pataya takalei. Those drstinandanabhabe sorting. Green splendor around the blue water. Light from an island pataya jahajayoge can simply 'kolaharna' - at. Jalarasira madhyadiye romansai run gallop around the infinite. 'Kolaharna' - the one that takaya not return. Keuba cured by taking in sea bathing. Then come back in the evening before the day patayaya. There are numerous patayaya Hotel, Resort, Reston House. Hotels also do not think about food. A number of Bengali - Indian restaurant of. Taki from the king of Marine Writes Meditation Ganit Dadu machao found. Residential hotelagulote very low rent. Authorities say two people have to be able to land three persons in one room. How many days will be cut clean and tidy town will not terai. In addition, about 40 kilometers away from Bangkok large area of ​​a Themepark. Tiger - lion from the giraffe, rhinoceros, Mayur, deer, bhallukasaha different animal in the event that the pakhapakhalira. It was brought to Dhaka zoo cage to keep it closed. Everyone around freely. This is not about someone hamaleo. The wild beasts shall not hunger, not down attacks. Timely action by the authorities to prevent them from hunger. You can outing animals inside. The car must be. I have the car. Tyan ibhara if it can get. It will take a whole day to see around. Dolphin, seal, bird, etc. oramotam shows. Nirdesanakarira nirdesamato LOve POems Collections animals will play. I do not think this type of training manano domesticated animals believed to be difficult. Tickets for soyera not cut. 007 James Bond series of films known to be living in the Safari World. The 45-minute show hosted by the Hollywood movie scene replete action. Huge oil tanker burst in the heat of the fire burning hours after you take it home. Incinerate the helicopter crash scene, the fire burned down the skeleton, we bring hiroinera _ spidabote swiftly through the sea of ​​the many interesting facts have been arranged with the Safari World. The entertainment patayake is zion.

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