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Bhaoyala rajabari

                                           Bhaoyala rajabari
The once-bhaoyala rajabari The Deputy Commissioner of Gazipur. Gajipurabasisaha by building today - coming from various assignments and tests bhaoyala darsanarthidera the royal family smrtibijarita rajabari an interesting tourist attractions. Traditional bhaoyala King - gajidera memorial pratnatattibaka bhaoyala rajabari patterns. _ Drstinandana archeology department at rajabariti immediately aware of before transfer and maintains the necessary reform and it will be interesting to become a paryatanakendre.

District administration sources said, at the end of bhaoyala rajabari started making attracts people Narayan Narayan Roy, the king of kali. This is a large size and intact basilica. Approximately 15 acres of land about the existing main palace. North - south length of 400 meters and the floor plan was created with. The small - large total of 365 rooms. South side of the main entrance gate. Prabesadbarati square and round pillars placed in the four corners of four has been built on top of the roof. Enter the length of the route structure ekadikera 0 meters and enter the door there's a wide corridor hall. Hall of east - west of the sitting rooms. Traditional wooden staircase that shawl subyabastharai the upper part of the liquid. A large part of the building known as the anterior segments. This large 100 square dalanera was behind an open courtyard. Pranganera three aspects of the East - West and south porch was built to provide housing for the room. Cells were exposed to the balcony and barandagulote about karinthiyasa column was placed in semicircular arch. Longish on top of the empty design, pedestal flower, plant, and was a long-drawn design. The whole ansajure pranganera was natamandapa 'festival which was used. Rajabarira in the Western (rajadighira adjacent) dihedral bhabanansera to rajabilasa 'King of rest rooms' air corridors' was known. The cell was exposed to the open vaulted 'padmanabhi'. The first floor of the adjoining room was a 'ranimahala in the front balcony was big as a building. Rajabariti damaged in an earthquake in 1887 and 1897. Rajabilasasaha other buildings are rebuilt after the earthquake of 1897. Rajendra Narayan Roy of the reform.

From the historical background, when the area was ruled by Gazi dordanda pratape Dynasty rulers. In the eighteenth century, until 1737 Gazi bhaoyala the circle of family daulatagaji. Balram his agent before the 1736 ruling in daulatagaji haje about having oversight responsibility to go bhaoyala circle. Daulata Gazi Holy Hajj in Mecca once again walking the push from the bhaoyalera. But the way he died suddenly. In 1737, the Nawab of Murshidabad Darbar from land-use rules bhaoyala pamcasala provision for the provision of land-Parganas. The daulata Gazi not survive. Balram are assisted by other state employees, according to pre-plan their gajidera absence of all property in their own name is called in the auction. Balram Roy bhaoyala complete circle of the manor in 1738. The Indra Narayan Roy, people Narayan Roy, the sphere Narayan Roy, kali Narayan Roy, Rajendra Narayan Roy and Narayan Roy ramendra bhaoyala of the land-Parganas. Balram was the responsibility of the auction will be named after the area is named after his son Narayan jayadeba Joydevpur. Because you do not have a heritage mansion bhaoyala jamidaradera care and maintenance of all property management bhaoyala Court consists of the Worlds. Independence - East bhaoyala rajabarite the Pakistan army camp. Independence - A military camp was established here. 18 December 1978 gajidera named after the then president Ziaur Rahman Dhaka headquarters - North mahukumabhukta announced that six police station in Gazipur mahukuma. Subdivisional administrative building is placed in the bhaoyala rajabarite. Mahukuma from 1 March 1984, after the district of Gazipur district administration building bhaoyala rajabaritei passed as well. Kalektareta as part of a separate administrative building of the house or rajabariti bhaoyala landed games pratnatattibaka patterns of reform as the eternal beauty is distorted. The terracing has been a crack house roof. Many of the balcony railing collapse or lose. Going to mark this dotalaya mehagani wooden stairs antiquity. Room Furniture and none left. Dynasty yielded valuable cabinet after the cells have been anekai lopata. The rest of the auction at which it was sold. And thus one day be lost king - gajidera established by bhaoyala rajabari. Gazipur, Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) Dr. Dewan Muhammad Humayun Kabir, the largest basilica in bhaoyala rajabarira just inside the main infrastructure of small changes that can undo saving. Deputy Commissioner for transferring the project has been accepted. Building a new kalektareta (DC Office) construction work will be moved to the Deputy Commissioner and will be handed over to save adhidaphatarake rajabari archeology.

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