Saturday, March 16, 2013

Most Favourite prince And Princes



King of Greece and Denmark Queen Ann Marie kanastaina second son, Prince Philips of 1985. She has an older sister, Princess thiyedora. Greece and Denmark in 1973 in the state of the incoming ainamate monarchy has been deleted. So no, he can not be king. They say they have rajarakta. Yuvraj himself hidden all this time, he likes to run. However, they currently do not have a lot of money to own, but I agree that this prince of luxury.

                      Iguuna Windsor

The youngest daughter of Prince Andrew and Princess marahara dasesa of York and Princess Victoria Windsor iguuna byatarisera younger sister. Victoria Helena iguuna her full name. He was born on 3 March 1990, the princess adhikarini attractive appearance. In the current age of 1 year. The Princess sundarii only non-buddhimatio. The siksajibanera very good results. He studied at the University of niukyasela. She has an older sister and mother byatarisa like manabasebai absolute vow.

                  Prince of Bhutan

Asian countries and sonama decena oyancuka bhutanera princess. Was born August 5, 1981. She is the daughter of the king and the king honest jigame simme oyancukera sister. This beautiful girl from smart Harvard Law was completed in Higher Education. This girl is stunningly beautiful and real age of 9 years.


The second daughter of King kanastaina Greece and Denmark Princess thiyodora kanistha maid. Was born June 9, 1983 in London, England's capital city. The Queen can not put this sleeping beauty. Because he was born 9 years ago monarchy is deleted. The maid's body still abedanamayi baiche and their families are still enough rich royal blood. Advertisers Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from the University of London narrdana degree.

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