Saturday, March 23, 2013

192 The home owner ekajanai!

                                              192  The home owner ekajanai!
It is not, not two, 19 in her home. The world's top non dhanio. He is a former police officer. China has been the owner of the house at the black police officers. He bought homes using bogus identification. China is one of the top party in the country's southern liuphem City jhao high bin. China's former police chief said. The Communist Party of the High uccapade giving the home owner etagulo buzz in China's state news agency. Paricayapatrera giving the customer accepts the price of homes he took from his brother. China, a local newspaper said, and 011 in the list of resources in a businessman giving high. Keywords with high quality information for the business because it banibana. The high giving the authority to cancel the customer's card. Lu Feng sastibisayaka Department of the Communist Party, said the incident has been investigated and jhao again got back to the office. '

The corruption of China's new energy leader jim Ping Assert after the events of the book. The corruption of the Communist Party came to power as a threat to the jim per ping. Udharbatana from all subordinate officers indicate that he announced last month, the 'tiger' and 'fly' fight against both the start. Next week the women using fake documents to more than 100 million yuan worth of 40 detained violating the established purchase. Jung, former vice president of a bank in the city recently iulina aike kagajapatradi government stamp for use in fraud and detained. This jaliyatite help him when police detained karmakartasaha also been satajanake. Police in eastern China, the wife of the person who allegedly bought a house in a dozen times. They see it examined.

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