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Poet Kazi Kader home neglect naoyajera

                                             Poet Kazi Kader home neglect naoyajera
Tribhubana, teacher status, tupisaha lost my father metrician popular poem poet Kazi Kader Newaz. This is one of the major poets of Bengali literature sripura mujadiya Magura village house. January 15, 1909 in the village of Murshidabad district talibapura matulalaye. The father and mother phatemunnecha naoyaja. Both his father and uncle whom I know and literary naoyajera. Family sahityamodi environment is a dream in which the poet whom naoyaja. The famous French writer and polyglot academic God naoyaja uncle and my mother even phatemunnechara talent can be targeted. The inspiration was a school teacher who dbijababura naoyajera of the traveling allowance.

19 in 1 dbijababura utsahe the teachers 'loving home' is! 'Development' is in her first poem published. Children 19 and 3 in the monthly magazine 'The Partner' - on 'ghumaparaniya songs of the print outs around the literary society, his fame spread. Who is the poet nijagrhe naoyajera education. 19 at 8, he Burdhaman matharuna English school in the district. See us at one time was the school's students. 19 In the first section of the 3 He matriculated. 19 at 9 B.A from the baharumapura examination and MA degree in English literature from the BTN. Poet Kazi Kader Newaz School in 1933 sub-inesapektara as his career as the start of the next siksakatake job. The first section of the first-born son in 1951, he joined the Institute as a teacher. Members of the public high school teacher, retired in 1966. Then she began to settle permanently maguraya.

As teachers and students of the snehaprabana adarsaprana. All teachers in higher education and a strong commitment to the well-established at the seat of the 'teacher status' to the famous poem. Who naoyaja literary life of unforeseen respect. Padake been awarded Ekushey. The contribution to children's literature in Bengali Academy Award, President puuuraskara, Mother bangasaha numerous literary awards. Sripura the village of Magura mujadiya basabasakale sripure Mahesh Chandra High School, he accepted the head teacher's responsibility until death. 3 January 1983 naoyaja humanist poet who died in October. Magura different schools before death - were established by contributions from the various social activities even after the death of her as she has not been assessed. I have a slight abahelaya her home.

Jhaugachagulo valuable disappearing around the house. After the death of his two-decade is out, but a large share of the property on behalf of the family home from the partition and anrsidaritba kalahera reform measures were not. The plaster on the day of the shooting anekansa home. Stolen from the home of all furniture doors and windows. In memoriam of initiatives to be undertaken by the humanist think bisistajanara area. * Rashed Khan, Magura

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